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 Nature's Envoy

Bringing Into Play the Infinite Energy of the Sun

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 1998 is an innovative and highly technical enterprise with focus on tapping the inexhaustible Solar Energy to provide constructive and Innovative practical solar energy solutions for an evolving market place and to empower mankind by siphoning off the nature's gift offered in abundance.

After its establishment, Within a span of ten years, the company received substantial approval from Ministry of Non-renewable Energy Source (MNRE) Channel partner, Govt. of India., ETDC, CPRI, DGS&D and NSIC . The CRISIL Solar Energy Grading for Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. is SP2B/
  • The company boasts of advanced quality test equipments, skilful employees, excellent service and professional management staff.
  • The ISO 9001 :2008 quality control system guarantees its products with high-quality and efficiency. The company's philosophy always adheres to focus on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.
  • It caters individuals, domestic and non-domestic sectors with their custom designed state-of-art Solar technology solutions.

"No Energy ,No Water, No Life ; No Water, No Energy No Life"

The above quote relates the dependency of how life evolves with nature. We are all aware that Sun is the key factor that has made it possible for life to flourish on earth; it is the sun’s heat that enabled the planet to sustain life.  Every day, for billions of years now, man has been benefiting from solar energy in a variety of ways: from the photosynthesis of plants which give him food, to the rains that keep his water sources flowing, to the overall environmental climate that provides him with “central heating.”  And the sun has been providing all these benefits for free.

As per the current statistics, almost 2 in 3 people lack access to water and 1.6 billion people, a quarter of humanity live without electricity. The glaring fact is that the depletion of water, gas, oil and power is round the corner and moving forward , the unlimited energy from the Sun will be the only practical answer to face the daunting challenge. Hence, the pre-eminently reputed Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., with focus on the inexhaustible Solar Energy, started compiling constructive ,Innovative and laudable practical solutions of solar energy for an evolving marketplace and life , bringing into play, the nature's gift offered in profusion.

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. not only excels in putting up various solar powered lighting systems, but also excels in installing SOLAR POWER PLANTS of capacity ranging from 1KW to 1MW and Solar Wind Hybrid systems.

We provide : State-of-art technology, high quality, highest efficiency and innovative solar power technology solutions all over India with our message;

We Work Towards: Offering a Clean Green Living - greenliving
Your Act : Please call us about your requirements. We assure, you will be satisfied.