Solar Bicycle




 Speed Selector

Adjust pedaling speed as per your comfort


For effortless riding, when you don't want to pedal

Ignition switch

Option of riding in auto or manual mode

26 " Urban Profile Tyres

For comfortable ride and smooth power delivery.

Soft Aero Grips

For comfortable throttle use

Suspension fork with Disc brake system

For comfortable ride and excellent braking on any surface.

Solar Charging Module

Deepa solar 24Watt/24Volts

Centre Stand

For stable parking

Quick Release (Seat)

Adjust your seat height as per your convenience

EXIDE sealed lead acid battery pack

Guaranteed performance and longer battery life of up to 10000 kms.

DC Motor and Digitized Controller

For smooth power delivery of up to 24 km/hr, and Enhanced riding range of up to 30 kms