Solar Sprayer



Solar sprayers are light weight and with one charge, one can spray 2-3 acres of farm. Battery Control Management (B. C. M) installed in sprayer and battery charger will be completed on its own. Approximately 350 to 375 liters of pesticides can be sprayed with a single charge. 

The battery sprayers have a tank capacity of 12 to 15 liters and are being introduced in four models. The farmers can use these for spraying on all types of farms, poultry, gardens and fruits-vegetables. By using Solar sprayer, the spraying is more effective and unlike manual spraying many laborers are not needed and these sprayers are single man operated.

 “Deepa Solar”  have been at the forefront of recognizing needs of the Indian farmers and introducing technologically superior and relevant products that meet specific needs of the farmers across the country to help them improve their productivity. In addition to sprayer division, the battery operated sprayers keeping in mind the small and medium farmers. It is difficult for the farmers to store fuel during the spraying season, so this battery operated sprayers which can be charged easily. Even women can carry these sprayers, which weigh only 6.0 kgs, on their backs for spraying